CBD Patch Bundles

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CBD Patch Bundles

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All-day (and night) support from a single discrete THC Free - CBD patch

These convenient, waterproof, transdermal CBD patches deliver their active ingredients steadily into your body over 24 hours.  Great for those occasions when you might be traveling, need pain relief for an extended period of time - no dosing needed, or you or a friend might have overdone it as a weekend warrior.

Fremont Botanicals 70mg CBD Patch is a transdermal patch.  You place the patch on any veiny area of your skin to deliver cbd though the skin and into the bloodstream to provide up to 24 hours of extended relief. 

Our patch is hypoallergenic and Latex free using water-resistant medical-grade adhesive to help it stay put.

How do CBD patches work?

The special adhesive in our patches allows the CBD to penetrate through your skin and get directly into your body and bloodstream (making them transdermal, rather than topical CBD patches). The CBD bypasses your liver and digestive system for maximum effectiveness (bioavailability).

How to use:

* Prepare the skin with the included alcohol prep pad to clean the skin.
* Leave on for up to 24 hours.
* Fremont Botanicals CBD Patch is water-resistant, you can shower with it on.
* Do not apply to open wounds or sores.
* Each patch contains 70 mg of isolate CBD.