+PlusCBD Calm Gummies
+PlusCBD Calm Gummies
+PlusCBD Calm Gummies

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+PlusCBD Calm Gummies

Calm gummies *

CBD Calm Gummies

+PlusCBD Calm Gummies are doctor formulated with clinically researched ingredients like L-Theanine for a Zen-like calm and 5-HTP for a positive mood and mental well being. Calm Gummies offer relaxation without intoxication, so you don’t need to worry about them impairing your normal abilities.

Daily life provides plenty to stress over (work demands, pressure around social obligations, and uncertainty about stepping into the “new normal”) all of which can make it hard to feel and perform your best.  PlusCBD Calm Gummies support a sense of relaxation and a positive mood to help with occasional irritability and anxiousness. Soothing nerves and easing tension, these tasty gummies can promote a healthy stress response, so you can better respond to whatever life throws your way.

These delicious strawberry lemonade CBD gummies are naturally flavored, sweetened with organic cane sugar, and feature a satisfying chewy texture.

Calm gummies are made with our premium hemp extract, expertly processed using non-toxic CO2 and manufactured in our cGMP certified facility. Our gummies are third party lab tested to verify safety and consistency, so you can feel comfortable using them every day.

We combined 10 mg of CBD from our award winning hemp extract with clinically researched ingredients like L-Theanine (an amino acid in green tea leaves that has shown an ability to help alleviate stress) and 5-HTP (a precursor of serotonin) to support a healthy stress response.


  •  For daily stress support
  •  Made with sustainable hemp 10 mg of CBD per gummy
  •  Doctor formulated Clinically researched active ingredients
  •  With L-Theanine and 5-HTP
  •  Organically sweetened
  •  No artificial flavorings

Suggested Use

Enjoy one gummy with or without food daily or whenever you are feeling out of sorts. PlusCBD Calm Gummies are safe for extended daily use.

Company Info +PlusCBD is a leader in safe and effective CBD products. Our premium botanical ingredients are manufactured and tested using state-of-the-art processes aimed at protecting the integrity of our clinical strength formula.