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Funky Farms 200mg Vape Pen

SKU: 745559536753-RA
Strain Raw (none)

Product details

Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Natural CRD 200mg Vape Pen is the best natural vape extract in the industry! Single use and ready to vape, our Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab. This product is formulated with no added cutting agents and no fillers, just pure hemp and terpenes!

How this is so different yet so natural-

In its natural chemical state, pure CBD has a tendency to crystallize. This is why many manufacturers cut or dilute their oil where the industry has seen harmful results. Funky Farms' parent company, Arise Bioscience, found a way around this. They relied on other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBL, and CBDA (no THC) that are already present in a broad spectrum product and used slightly more of those which are known to have their own similar therapeutic effects. Along with that formula, they have a special technique involving four rounds of distillation including cryogenic ethanol extraction followed by molecular and fractional distillation methods. This all leads to the most potent, stable vape oil possible to achieve. 

Then, only authentic CCELL hardware is used which utilizes a wickless ceramic coil which does not give off any byproduct even under extreme heat. Several high quality O-rings are used throughout the hardware to ensure no leakage. The mouthpiece is fully ceramic which has a low thermal conductivity meaning it won't get hot like a metal mouthpiece. A food-grade ceramic mouthpiece also ensures peace of mind that no chemicals will be released and it won't pop off like a plastic mouthpiece may. 

Try it yourself to experience the superior difference! 

We also carry cartridges.

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