Fremont Botanicals Transdermal Patch
Fremont Botanicals Transdermal Patch

Fremont Botanicals

Fremont Botanicals Transdermal Patch

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Fremont Botanical's Transdermal Patch delivers a slow and steady release of hemp-extract throughout the day. This calming, plant-based blend is easy to use and offers a discreet way to capitalize on the unsurpassed systemic wellness benefits of hemp extract for 22 - 24 hours. 

Formulated To

  • Provide a convenient, long-lasting, and discreet delivery method
  • Release steadily into the bloodstream for a systemic effect
  • Deliver accurate and consistent serving of organically grown hemp extract

Why we love it:

  • Faster Recovery, made painless.
  • Rebound from a tough workout, a night of drinking or daily wear and tear.
  • Take on a weekend retreat.
  • Use for menstrual pain.
  • Use after medical procedures to reduce pain/anxiety.
  • Cheaper than a massage, more enjoyable than an ice bath.

Safe - Controlled Dosing

Dosing: 35 or 70 mg per patch 

Hemp transdermal patches pass CBD directly into your skin cells cannabinoids over a long period of time. It releases a controlled amount of CBD into your bloodstream through the skin, which allows the CBD to reach your endocannabinoid system, where it binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce a variety of therapeutic effects. 

Ease of Use - Sweat and Water Resistant

Beyond efficiency and efficacy, Hemp patches offer one of the most discreet delivery options. With patches, you don't have to carry around a bottle of capsules or tincture while finding time and space to dose them throughout the day. Go about your day as if the patch wasn’t even there. Activities such as showering, working out, or swimming will not impact the patch.

Benefits of CBD Patches

  • No added chemicals.
  • Provide fast and effective delivery outside the digestive process providing undiluted steady rate absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.
  • You don't have to remember to take frequent doses
  • There is no pill (if taking pills is difficult)
  • You can use patches even if you have an upset stomach

How to use?

Peel it, set it and forget it!

Patches are most effective when applied to your vein-y parts where blood vessels and capillaries are close to the surface, underneath a thin layer of skin.  When placing a transdermal patch consider placing patches on the inner forearm or shoulder blade which features one of the best access to blood vessels.  Why?  Your shoulder has a thinner layer of fat and tissue.   Your wrists, ankles, upper arms, shoulders and the back of your neck are all ideal locations for the patch.

Easily Change the Dose

The great thing about Hemp patches is they can be cut into smaller sizes for smaller dosing making one patch multiple doses. 

  • If you need less CBD, you can cut the patch into smaller sizes for dosing (making one patch multiple doses)
  • If you need more CBD, you can add another patch.
  • To stop ingesting CBD, take the patch off
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