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Ananda Professional 600mg THC Free Tincture


While the demand for full-spectrum hemp extract products is on the rise, many patients remain hesitant to incorporate CBD into their treatment plan because of the presence of the naturally-low level of THC. Ananda Professional is excited to bring to market its first and only THC-free, full-spectrum hemp extract to independent pharmacies.

Derived from premium whole flower hemp and cultivated without harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, this product contains 600mg of active cannabinoids and terpenes for a potent blend of all the healthy, natural ingredients… without a trace of THC.


  • Retired military
  • Competing athletes
  • Sports organizations
  • Participants in substance abuse programs
  • Pilots
  • First responders – such as firefighters, police officers and EMTs
  • Anyone who may be subject to a drug test through their employer

Ananda Professional is the pioneer in changing legislation enabling hemp-derived cannabinoid (CBD) products to be legally sold in independent pharmacies. With Ananda’s effort, the 2014 Farm Bill was passed providing a legal path for the production and distribution of hemp-derived CBD.

Ananda’s farm is the first legal farm in the U.S. to be granted a license to grow hemp and is done so in a partnership with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. They uniquely control the manufacturing process from farm to pharmacy to ensure cGMP compliance, quality and consistency of its non-psychoactive CBD products.

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Ananda Professional 600mg THC Free Tincture